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3 Amigos SXM

Great news for Maho; 3 AMIGOS are here to protect your right to party!!!
It’s Tex-Mex-SXM in the premier party spot in Maho.
On the ground level, directly across the street from Casino Royale, it won’t be a gamble; your guaranteed to have an amazing time. Partying is in order under the guidance of the 3 AMIGOS; Sargent Garcia, Senor Bill, and Don Pepe.
These 3 loveable party animals spend their days at all the famous sights in St. Maarten rounding up amigos old and new for the fiesta.
Believe it or not the day is gonna get going with some recovery as we pull out the freshest fruits, veggies, yogurts, and supplements at our juice and smoothie bar.
In St. Maarten we all wake up a little groggy so before you hit the beach grab a fresh squeezed juice, a delicious smoothie, or just a fresh corked coconut to shake the cobwebs.
It doesn’t matter what time you actually crawl out of bed because we’re blending up the goods all day and night.
When your body is finally ready for solids, be it lunch, dinner, or late night we’ll be ready for you with the heartiest of Tex-mex, SXM style.
This isn’t your typical menu though; enchilada’s stuffed with Caribbean lobster, rotisserie chicken quesadilla, and skirt steak fajitas to name a few. But, unlike most island options, vegetarians will be delighted at fresh table side made guacamole, the best nachos anywhere, roasted poblanno peppers covered in melted cheese.
The food is incredible but let’s not forget where the 3 AMIGOS real passion is: partying!
Margarita’s, frozen and on the rocks will flow freely. Pretty girls will be enhancing the action walking around with their gun belt shot holders making sure everyone is staying happy.
A merchandise showcase will be bristling with activity as tourists and locals alike indulge in branded t-shirts, hats, shot glasses, post cards, and anything else you can think of.
Children and adults will want to take a little piece of the 3 AMIGOS with them.

Now, who wants to party with the 3 AMIGOS?!

3 Amigos
1st Floor
Maho Village
Sint Maarten

+1 721-523-9373

3 Amigos SXM

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3 Amigos is registered on clubbing.gp since December 17th 2013
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